Outdoor 8 week project

Over the next 8 weeks we are embarking on a whole school improvement project on outdoor learning.
The project is an exciting way to make improvements to the whole school community. Sparhawk is continually
pushing forward to make this school the best it can possibly be for everyone. We have a huge amounts of
strengths, but of course like every forward-thinking school there are improvements to be made.

Outdoor 8 week project

Reading Volunteers

Would you like the exciting opportunity to become a class reading volunteer?
Reading is vital to a child’s development and so we want to ensure our children are read
with as close to daily as we can.
If you feel that you could spare half an hour per week either at 8:50-9:20am or 2:25-2:55pm,
we would love to hear from you.
You will be based in the same class each week and will hear a variety of different children

See letter below to sign up.

Volunteers letter