Eco Schools

Welcome to the Eco Warrior page

The Eco Warriors is made up of 2 children from each class. It is their job to carry out an audit of the school; to identify areas we are strong in and areas we need to improve upon. With the support of Miss Stanley, we then develop an action plan. This is to ensure everything gets done and everybody is doing their fair school to make sure we are helping the environment as much as we possibly can!

The ECCO Monitors for 2021/22 are:

Sapphire Class  –  Carter and Ernie
Topaz Class  –  Hazel and Arthur
Jade Class  –   Penny  and  Jenson
Emerald Class  –  Bobby and Arlo
Coral Class  –  Violet and Oscar H
Ruby Class  –  Darcy and Thomas

The Eco Warriors carry out energy checks daily in each class where they are looking for

  • Computers to be turned off
  • Doors closed
  • Taps turned off
  • Listening station and CD player switched off
  • Interactive whiteboards turned off
  • Lights switched off

If the class has remembered to do all of those things they get a green dot on their energy saver chart but if they forget to do one of those things they get a red dot.

Here’s our school Eco Code: Eco rules

At Sparhawk Infant and Nursery school we try to walk, scoot or bike to school as often as we possibly can so we are helping to cut back on pollution and save energy.

We also really enjoyed building our Minibeat Home outside with the help some ladies from Fairhaven Water Garden. Please look below for some photos and information on how we got on.

Minibeast Hotel