School Council

School Council News

School Council have a really important job to do! We have been elected by the other children in our classes to represent them during regular meetings with Mrs Stanley. During these meetings, we discuss what is great about our school and how we can make it even better! We take our ideas back to our classes to discuss and feedback and make decisions at our next meeting.

School Council Members 2020/21

Jade Class –  Archie  and Phoebe
Emerald  –  Olivia and Frankie
Coral – Rowan and Aria
Ruby – Belle and Mason


‘Pupil Voice’ is extremely important in decision making at Sparhawk. We believe the children play an integral role in impacting whole school improvement and our School Council represent the voice of the children on the most regular basis.

At our first meeting in October, we came up with a list of things that School Council do and why our job is important…

  • We take responsibility
  • We can raise money
  • We help the school by making it a better place to come and learn
  • We make sure school is safe
  • We help each other
  • We come up with ideas
  • We sort out problems in school
  • We let our teachers and friends know what we’ve spoken about
  • We are nice to everyone and we look after everyone

So far this year…

  • We have arranged ‘Yellow Day’ where the children came to school wearing yellow and donated £1 for Young Minds charity
  • We ‘sold’ poppies for Remembrance
  • We arranged activities for ‘Children in Need’ including a spotty-themed dressing up day and a spotty colouring competition, which we ‘judged’ and chose a winner from each class
  • We met with NORSE who make our school dinners to share our thoughts on what we do and do not like

Next term…

  • We want to work with the Eco-team to arrange a ‘no electricity’ day at school
  • We will work to update our ‘school promise’ with the midday supervisors
  • We will continue to build links with the local community, especially the older generation!