Mrs Clare Campbell Headteacher

Mrs Claire Munday

Deputy Headteacher  (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Lisa Carr Finance Administrator (Monday to Thursday)
Miss Jade Bowler Office Assistant
Mrs Claire Munday Ruby Class Teacher



Mr Devon Ainley



Ruby Class Teacher (Y2) 

Tuesday to Friday

Miss Abbie Whitlam Coral Class Teacher (Y2)
Mrs Helen Aston Jade Class Teacher (Y1) (Monday)

Mrs Katherine Dexter

Jade Class Teacher (Y1)

Mis Imogen Pagendam

Emerald Class Teacher (Y1)

Monday and Tuesday

Mr Sam Seddon Emerald Class Teacher (YR) (Wednesday – Friday) 

Mrs Katie Spalding

Mrs Heidi Nichols

Sapphire Class (YR) (Tuesday to Friday) (EYFS leader)

Sapphire Class (YR) (Monday)

Mrs Katie Stanley Topaz Class Teacher (YR)
Mrs Emma Easlea Diamond Class Teacher (Nursery) (Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs ) (Nursery manager)
Miss Imogen Pagendam Diamond Class (Nursery) (Friday)

Teaching Assistants

Ruby Class

  • Mrs Karen Goldsworthy HLTA
  • Mrs Fran Halliday
  • Mrs Cara Cullum

Coral Class

  • Mrs Karen Goldsworthy HLTA
  • Mrs Cara Cullum

Emerald Class

  • Mrs Julie Spelman HLTA

Jade Class

  • Miss Leah Harrigan HLTA

Sapphire Class

  • Ms Sam Huggins HLTA
  • Miss Emma Sharpe
  • Mrs Karen Clements (AM)
  • Mrs Emma Terry (PM)

Topaz Class

  • Mrs Erin Lawler HLTA
  • Miss Kelly Hunter (AM)

Diamond Class

  • Mrs Donna Dawson HLTA
  • Mrs Katie Barnard

PPA Cover

  • Mrs Karen Collingsworth
  • Mrs Emma Terry
  • Mts Tammy Halesworth
  • Mrs Clare Plunkett


  • Miss Emma Sharpe

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Cara Cullum  Mrs Emma Terry
Miss Emma Sharpe Mrs Tammy Halesworth
Mrs Karen Haward Mrs Clare Plunkett
Mrs Karen Collingsworth