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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery

The Story of the Sparhawk Chicks

On Monday 25th April  Sparhawk School took delivery of 12 eggs.

They were placed inside an incubator and left to rest.

Over the next few days we will be posting pictures of what is happening in the incubator.

We would like to thank FOSSA for supporting this fantastic opportunity.

(Sorry we can not allow visits after school by pupils and parents)

Day 1 – Monday 25th April

Day 1


Day 2 – Tuesday 26th April

Day 2


Nothing has happened!

Day 3 – Wednesday 27th April

Cracks have appeared in 3 eggs and by 2.55pm the first chick arrived.

He has been named ‘Ben’ and he has been moved to the brooding box.

Update 3.55pm – a big crack has appeared in egg number 2.

I wonder what we will find in the morning?

Day 4 – Thursday 27th April

8.30 a.m.

WOW! Overnight when the school was in darkness 4 more chicks hatched making a total of 5.

Day 4 8am  Video of chicks on day 4

I wonder if anymore will hatch today?

10.55 a.m. Exciting news another egg has just hatched.

Day 4 hatching – another video the chick is about 10 minutes old!


Day 5 – Friday  28th April

Overnight we had a further 3 chicks hatching and this morning another popped out of its egg leaving 3 eggs in the incubator.


Day 5 chicks video  – video of the chicks and incubator.