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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery


Topaz Class

Topaz Class Learning Zone


Twinkl Home Learning

EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges

EYFS School Closure Challenge Cards Make an Emoji Face Cutting Skills Activity

Paper Plate Pet Craft Activity

Phase 2 Phonics Rhyming String Cards

Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges

Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges QU CH SH TH NG

Phonics Read and Race Game

SATPIN Read and Race Game Tablespoon Biscuit Recipe

Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions

CK E U R H B Read and Race Game

Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity

CVC Word Activity Booklet

Phonics Play – this is free to access due to Coronavirus situation, normal you need to subscribe.

A site packed with interactive phonics games to help children to learn to hear phonemes, recognise graphemes and develop the blending and segmenting skills that are vital for learning to read and spell.

GoNoodle – lots of energy sign up and have a go at your favourite GoNoodle

Time to relax and chill – Try Cosmic Yoga 

Lots of different ideas to try at The Muddy Puddle Teacher

Maths at home

caterpillar[1]                           Gingerbread

Counting Caterpillar             The Gingerbread Man Game

(Numberline)                (Counting, Matching and Ordering)


100 Hunt

(Find the number)

Phonics at Home

Set 1 Phonics video – Set_1_Sounds avi or YouTube

Set 2 Phonics video – Set_2_Sounds avi or YouTube

Set 3 Phonics video – Set_3_Sounds  avi or YouTube

Phase 3 Phonics video – click here

Phonics Games

Hanging Monkeys                             Phoneme Pop

Hanging Monkey                                 Phoneme Pop

(Matching game)                                (Collect the sounds)


Buried Treasure

(Practice blending)

Internet Safety

Guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people from Think U Know. Learn about online safety when using blogs, chatting and online gaming.

Think you know