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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery

Club Letters – September 21

Which Club would you like to have a go at this year?Funky Fingers- Get stuck in to Lego and Hama Beads, amongst other activities to create the tallest towers, the craziest animals and most magical worlds!
Sports (Yr. 1 and 2 only) – Are you sports crazy? Work with your team to dodge the balls in dodge ball. Get flexible in Gymnastics and shoot for goal like Ronaldo in football.
Creative Crafts- Let your imagination flow to create and design different items to colour, paint and glue.
Cooking- Could you be Sparhawk’s next chef? From chopping, mixing and baking, make delicious treats for you and your family.
Singing- Could you be the next big star? Sing loud and proud to all the greatest and latest hits!
Dance- Are you a mover and a groover on the dance floor? Then Dance club is for you. Work with your friend to create dance routines to show off to friends and family
Mad Science- Crash! Bang! Wallop! How far will your rocket soar and how many mints will it take to make a bottle of coke go crazy?!
Love your Garden- Do you love being outside with nature? Help to water and maintain the Sparhawk raised beds and make Sparhawk dazzle with bright colourful plants!
Ukulele- Have your own ukulele but don’t know how to play? Join Ukulele club and learn how to play and perform tunes.

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