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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery


We are very proud to be following the Supersonic Phonic Friends Systematic Synthetic Phonic (SSP) Programme. Supersonic Phonic Friends ensures that the teaching of phonic phases across EYFS and KS1 is consistent and taught with fidelity. Which is a validated SSP Programme with the DFE!  

This programme is a fully systematic, synthetic phonic approach ranging from the simple to the complex spellings of the alphabetic code. Supported by their Supersonic Phonic friends, this approach will ensure children develop confidence and apply each skill to their own reading and writing. 

Research shows that active learning helps children to retain the learning and go into their long-term memory. Every Supersonic lesson is active at all times ensuring every session is maximised, making every minute count. Each lesson is fun and physical and can be taught indoors or taken outdoors.   

Format of a lesson: 

  1. Revisit and Review- At the start of every phonics lesson, it is important to revisit and review children’s prior phonic knowledge including previous GPC’s taught, oral blending and segmenting and segmenting and blending activities. This part of the lesson is planned for by the class teacher to suit the children’s gaps in learning.  
  1. Teach- This is where the children will be introduced to the characters who are a key part of the steps in teaching and introduced to the new GPC for the lesson. Each character focuses on a different part of the steps in teaching.  

Listen with Len, Segment with Seb and Blend with Ben, See it with Sam, Segment with Seb and Build with Bill, Read with Rex, Write with Ron.  

  1. Practice- This part of the lesson is where children practice reading and or writing with the new learning in. The children will read or write the word and then check to see if it is correct alongside the teacher. They will ‘give themselves a tick or fix it quick!’. At the end of this, the children will end up with the ‘Supersonic Six!’.  
  1. Apply- This part of the lesson is where children practice reading and or writing captions and sentences with the new learning in, previous learning and tricky words that have been taught so far.  
  1. Finishing the Session- To finish the session the children ‘turn, talk and tell’ to their phonic friend ‘what have you been learning today?’. Cheeky Sneaky Sid will then also give the children a sneak peak of the learning they will do in their following lesson.  

Supersonic Phonic Friends’ uses helpful phrases with actions across the teaching sequence to engage and stimulate the children during their phonic session, providing a multi-sensory approach.  

                                 Basics 2                                                                                         Basics 3

                                  Choose to Use                                                                       Switch It Spell It Sounds

We have ensured that our reading books are fully decodable to go alongside the phonics that the children are being taught. Decodable books, also known as phonic readers, are books that contain either decodable or common exception words, meaning that children can read them using just their phonic skills and knowledge. 

This is from Basics 2 to The higher levels.  

We then return to a coloured book system, starting at Turquoise through to free reader.  

If you have any questions about phonics or reading, please speak to your child’s class teacher.