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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery


Science pledge – Sept 2022

We aim to nurture and promote a sense of responsibility in all children to care for and respect their surroundings and all living things.

We have our own Sparhawk science curriculum which teachers use alongside the 5Es of Science and scientific thinking keys to plan. This is delivered through an enriched, creative curriculum.

We aim to:

Teach in a ‘hands on’ and practical way whenever possible

Give children opportunities to explore

Know that everyone is a Scientist

To give them (science)skills that they can use for life

Our aim is for children at Sparhawk:

  • to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring in our lives
  • to predict how things behave
  • to analyse causes through questioning

Recording/Assessment – this will be in class cohort Science scrapbooks. This means that Science will be recorded as a class and not always individually. At the end of each term the class teacher will record individual achievements on pupil asset with some achievements in their curriculum books.

A few website to help with science at home.