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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery

Our School’s Results

Early Years

At the end of your child’s year in reception class, all class teachers will make a judgement against the foundation stage curriculum to ascertain your child’s development. Every child should aim to have a Good Level of Development otherwise known as GLD.

At Sparhawk Infant and Nursery School our GLD is above national standards.


Towards the end of Year 1 your child will be take part in a Phonics Screening Check to see how well they can recognise,  blend and read real and pseudo words. Some children find reading difficult and if they do not pass the check at the end of year 1 they will take part in the check at the end of year 2.

End of KS1 Tests

Towards the end of Year 2 your child will take part in a few tests to assess their ability in mathematics, reading, spelling and grammar. The class teacher will use these tests to inform their judgments about your child’s progress and attainment in all the core subjects as well as writing.

Our Results 2021/2022

We are delighted to have retained our historical high standards of pupil achievement following the last two years of very tricky circumstances and Covid restrictions. Sparhawk has outperformed the national performance at all levels. We are proud of the hard work, commitment and dedication of our community and our amazing curriculum to achieve these fabulous results.