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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery

Vision and Values

Our Vision

Sparhawk – learning together to inspire our children to thrive in everything they do, to be happy, confident, respectful and valued members of;

our school; our community; our environment. 

Our Aims and Values

At our school, we hold these values to be central to how we work and learn together:

Respect, Collaboration, Achievement, Inclusion, Safety, Inquiry, Confidence, Responsibility and Independence.

Our values ensure that we promote fundamental British Values which are:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Our values are not a given especially if they are very different from those promoted at home. Therefore, our values are promoted through mutual exploration and understanding within our school curriculum, RE Curriculum, assemblies, School Council, Eco Warriors, school visitors and many other opportunities.


Each person is unique and worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion. By respecting this individuality, we create strong and caring communities that value personal well-being and each other. When this respect is shared, it has the potential to transform lives. We value this respect in our pupils, school staff, parents and our wider community and this is what we practise every day.


We value professional development, teacher collaboration, and teacher input to attain maximum achievement for our pupils and school. Our collaborative community environment allows pupils, school staff, parents and our wider community to work together on the various aspects of the school experience.


We aim to provide a safe, creative, and challenging learning environment that consists of numerous curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for our pupils. We promote a culture of academic excellence that will guide pupils to pursue their goals and excel in everything they do.


An inclusive learning environment encourages all pupils and staff to volunteer different perspectives and thus enrich discussions. We actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils. This means that equality of opportunity must be a reality for our children to ensure we create an environment which promotes excitement for discovery, joy, satisfaction and pride at one’s personal accomplishments.


We believe that promoting a positive and safe learning environment will foster respect for self as well as for others. We aim to ensure that all pupils have an understanding of how to be safe and to make safe and sensible choices. We care for ourselves and we care for each other.


Through an engaging and creative curriculum we aim to make learning fun and so help pupils develop lively, inquiring minds and independent learning and thinking skills.


We aim to create successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who have high aspirations and believe in themselves.


Through the promotion of social, moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being we aim to enable the child to acquire self-respect and a sense of responsibility.


We aim to develop enthusiastic, positive and independent children who are equipped with life skills and prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead thus promoting high self-esteem.