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Sparhawk Infant & Nursery


Maths at Sparhawk

At Sparhawk we wish for our children to be independent and curious mathematical learners. We wholeheartedly adopt a positive mindset and a can-do attitude which celebrates achievements and understands the opportunity mistakes can bring. We believe that with every mistake comes a chance to learn, reflect and grow.

Throughout all our maths teaching we ensure children enjoy the challenge maths presents. We want children to become confident mathematicians, understanding the importance of the skills and subject they are learning and how this relates to their life outside of school. We achieve this using a range of methods, including the latest research, songs, rhymes, and resources. We aspire for our children to become fluent in their approach to maths, the ability to make connections in their learning and be able to reason their thinking and to be confident, adaptable, flexible problem solvers.

We believe that Mathematics is a vital part of our children’s education and therefore place a huge importance on giving each child a strong number sense in the early years. This is achieved through a balance of free flow, child centred, play based learning and some discrete teaching of important problem solving skills. Thus giving each child the opportunity to explore maths in a real life, concrete, purposeful and fun way, both indoors and outdoors.

We are currently embarking on our journey with NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics). This looks at the Mastery approach which has been widely adopted throughout the country and indeed worldwide. We are currently embarking on our second year of the Mastery programme which seeks to embed the mastery approach across our school. Maths mastery means children will take small steps in their learning to acquire a deep long term secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. Achieving mastery means to have a solid understanding to progress confidently onto advanced material. We have also begun our journey with White Rose Maths to support our learning within school and to keep consistency across all year groups. This is also a scheme that many of our feeder schools have adopted which ensures consistency within our children’s learning even when they have left us.

As of September 2023, we are also embarking on the ‘Mastering Number’ project. This is to further support our children across all year groups to develop a good number sense. This means our children will to be taught confidence, fluency and flexibility with number in isolation to our math lessons, giving our children extra opportunities within our timetable to deepen their understanding.

Maths Parent Booklet